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Should You Use Insurance Recruiters to Find Qualified Employees?

The recently falling economy has made finding very qualified employees both easier and more difficult at the same time. Since many companies are going through layoffs, there are more people in the marketplace. However, those that can keep their jobs are not looking to let go of them. When you post an ad for an insurance position in your local newspaper, you’re likely to get inundated with hundreds of resumes and applications for only one position. You will find that many are not qualified with even the basic requirements for the position, some are tremendously overqualified, and others who are qualified, are simply applying to every job listing available in hopes of snagging a job. There is a better way.

Insurance Recruiters Save Your Company Time

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a claims adjuster, a senior account manager, or a sales person, insurance recruiters can help. You simply let the insurance recruiters know exactly what you are looking for and they set to work finding just that person. You won’t have hundreds of applications to go through or try to answer all the incoming calls about the position. The insurance recruiters will go through their various sources to find your company a list of individuals that meet your requirements and are available for hire.

Once you receive this list, you can set up interviews and decide if one of the applicants is whom you want to hire. If so, an offer of employment is made, and once accepted, you will then owe the insurance recruiters their fee.

A Few Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see how insurance recruiters can help your company save time and resources, especially with the paperwork generated from just one opening. The insurance industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year, which means there will always be a need for qualified individuals.