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Insurance Recruiters: Setting Up a Home Business in the Insurance Industry

Insurance industry recruiters typically work for agencies that are looking for new employees or agents in the field. However, this doesn’t mean that all positions are available in large agencies that house employees in cubicles. In fact, many agencies use the concept of agents working from semi independent offices that can be located in commercial space or can even be operated from a home office. There are number of options for recruiting insurance agents but most importantly you want to recruit the absolute top performing insurance agents or potential insurance agents.

Why Work from Home?

Insurance recruiters and others recognize the advantage of setting up a home office for many types of businesses in today’s economic climate. The costs of overhead and facilities are often lower and the home entrepreneur will not have to waste valuable time commuting to an outside location. No matter how nicely decorated outside office space is, it rarely will be as comfortable as the home office. In an industry such as insurance, time is money so spending time in cultivating clients is far preferable to spending the same amount of time driving to an offsite office location.

Insurance Industry Independence

Many insurance brokers operate fairly independently, so insurance recruiters will typically search for individuals who can work without a lot of direct supervision. The insurance brokers are usually available to train and to provide assistance when there are unusual situations that arise in the course of doing business. When an agent works from home, there are not other agents around to distract and irritate.

Choosing Your Customer Base

Whether you work from a home office or office location, a successful agent in the insurance industry has a lot of freedom to choose and cultivate a wide customer base. The insurance industry recruiters who are part of search firms recognize that selling insurance is all about finding new customers and expanding the representation for existing clients. While independent agents are not free to operate totally free of restraints, there is a certain freedom to expand into areas as the need and interest arises.

Economic Benefits in the Home Office

Even when the search organization is conducting an executive search, rather than one for agents closer to the face to face customer, there are economic benefits in working from a home office. The primary savings is that of commuting costs, particularly when the agent has previously commuted to a central office location where his or her day is spent on the telephone contacting customers to set up sales calls. Such work can easily be done at home or even while traveling, thanks to the widespread use of cell phones and wireless devices.

Room for Growth

A contingency search firm must explore all the options in order to attract and keep new agents and employees in the insurance industry. If the prospective insurance broker is intrigued by the option of working more independently, many insurance recruiters are more than willing to pursue such options on behalf of the agent. The agency that is hiring may actually prefer that agents establish and maintain their own office space.